Causes of Dark Circles and Puffy Eyes

Causes of Dark Circles and Puffy Eyes

What causes dark circles?
In our everyday life we will find that many people face the problem of dark circles. But many of us don’t know the reasons behind its cause. In order to get rid of such problem it’s important to understand the reason why they appear. Therefore here follows some of the reasons:
•    It may appear around your eyes due to tiredness.
•    Sometimes it can happen due to lack of sleep.
•    It may also happen due to the formation of increased number of melanin that causes allergy.
•    Due to the breaking of blood vessels these dark circles can even appear under your eyes.
•    Too much of caffeine intake and smoking can also because of it.
•    Due to aging one may have it.
What causes puffy eyes?
Along with dark circles puffy eyes are a great problem too. There reasons behind the cause of this problem are as follows:
•    Over consumption of salt in food is a vital cause of such eyes.
•    People having sinus problems also face under eye-bag problem.
•    Tiredness and lack of good sleep may be another cause of this problem.
•    Too much of crying can make your swell.
•    Sometimes allergies cause under-eye swelling and keeps on persisting.
How can you get rid of such problems?
Here follows some tips:
•    Get yourself enough rest and sleep.
•    Drink ample amount of water and fruit juices that will keep you hydrated.
•    Reduction of salt in your food.
•    Use some cream to sooth your eyes during night.
•    Wash your face or rather your eyes with cold water as much as possible.


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